Training with latest tools and technologies is vital to keeping an institute competitive and more productive. Training is required for increasing the knowledge and skills of students to make them more employable to acquire global competencies. It also transforms them to harmonize with society and most importantly to make them a good citizen of the country.

Recent training programme

Date: 12/06/19Place: Jaipur

Our Objective

  • To set up an Academy which will plan and help in imparting quality technical education in the country
  • To support technical institutions in fostering research. innovation and entrepreneurship through training
  • To stress upon empowering technical teachers & technicians using Information & Communication Technology
  • To utilize SWAYAM platform and other resource for the delivery of trainings.
  • To provide a variety of opportunities for training and exchange of experiences. Such as workshops, Orientations, learning communities, peer mentoring and other faculty development programmes.
  • To support policy makers for incorporating training as per requirements

The Team

  • Dr Ravindra Kumar Soni


  • Dr. Ramesh U


  • Dr. Girdhari Lal Garg

    Assistant Director

  • Dr. M.S. Ghuge

    Assistant Director

  • Shri N.k Arora

    Assistant Director


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